คลาสโยคะ – YOGA Class 


Stress Relief


Yoga for stress relief  is great for work because it helps with work life balance.  By this class members can achieve a lot of positive benefits. Some of the benefits include:

Unification of Body, Mind, and Spirit – body, spirit, and mind will be united through a combination of strengthening exercises, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques.

Better Concentration Yoga postures in this class are relaxing for both your body and your mind.  Less stress and enhance blood flow (especially to your brain) will help with concentration, focus and clarity.

Healing Powers This class will help to decrease your stress levels, increasing positive blood flow, providing better support for your immune system, you are enabling your body to be better equipped to heal itself. Your body and mind will be able to focus on the regular maintenance that is necessary for good overall health.

Moon Flow

The physical benefits of the moon series include stretching and strengthening of the thigh muscles, calves, pelvis, and ankles, mainly the lower body. It also helps activate root chakra.
Moon salutation is beneficial to people under any form of stress. It helps balance your energy before you reach a point of exhaustion, as it is a quieting practice. In School of Yoga, it is practiced with a meditation at the beginning and at the end, and offers the option of chanting a different mantra related to lunar energy for each
Among the specific health benefits of the pose are, it promotes balance, digestion, tones the spine, expands lungs and opens the Heart Chakra. It improves good blood circulation, keeps abdominal tract well regulated and healthy, stimulates spinal nerves, stretches leg muscles and back, cures sexual ailments and improves flexibility prior to childbirth. It also relaxes sciatic nerves, improves confidence, tones pelvic muscles, regulates functioning of adrenal glands, relieves constipation, anger, sciatica, helps in maintaining balance on both sides of the body, and helps develop a healthy sense of poise and respect for mind and body.

Yoga Regular

Yoga regular is the combination of basic and intermediate postures which can be practised by any individual on the regular basis who wants to become joyous, experience happiness and contentment and avoid succumbing to old age and death. The postures included in this class will help to strengthen body, mind and to regain control over the self.

 Artistic Yoga

This is a unique and powerful style of Yoga designed to develop and cultivate a beautiful healthy body. This is an entirely new concept of Yoga designed to energize the body and quieten the mind that makes your Yoga experience even more intense, without tiring or taxing you in any way. With the help of different yoga postures. Artistic Yoga is a wonderful option for people looking for a different kind of holistic workout.

 Ashtanga Sun salutations

Ashtanga Sun salutations, called surya namaskar in Sanskrit, generate heat to cleanse your body and mind. As a moving meditation, this flowing series of poses honors the light and life-sustaining energy of this powerful star as well as the life force within your own body. This salute to the sun gets your heart pumping, increases circulation and takes your body through a full range of motion, which gets you into a comfortable flow.

 Hatha Vinyasa

It is a continuous flow practice with breathe awareness. It increases balance between physical and pranic energy, increases the inner power and the strength of the joints & muscles.

 Flow with Strength

It is a class with smooth movement to increase the inner strength. This class is a complete and balanced strengthening practice, paced to keep you moving without rushing you along, this is a deliberately organized sequence that will strengthen the major muscle groups of your body without sacrificing attention to detail. Although challenging, this practice focuses on poses that most students can actually do (or approach within reason) and repeat.

 Yoga Foundation / Yoga Basic

It is a beginner class to help students to feel steady and well balanced. By this class students can understand the body movements with breathing which will prepare them to practice advance classes. This class based on mainly sitting (seated) postures and few yogic stretches.

 Hatha Yoga 

The most ancient, complete and popular form of yoga for mental and physical health, Hatha yoga is a science of breathing, purification and synchronization of the physical and mental dimensions. Learn ancient techniques of Asana (Postures), Pranayama (breathing), Mudras (gestures), Bandhas (locks, Kriyas (cleansing) for good health, peace, prosperity, longevity and self-realization.

 Power Yoga 

Power yoga is best yogic workout for cardio workout. Can help you to burn the fat 300-500 kilocalories per hour, good for reducing body weight and can reduce the fat from blood veins, helpful for stretching muscle, but the posture quite hard.

 Sivananda Yoga

It is based on the concept of stretching and counter-stretching of the body by the yoga postures. This yoga sequence is designed for daily yoga practitioners. Combination of stretching and yoga postures which helps to increase stamina and power for yoga practice. This class is helpful for concentration and balancing the body with mind.

 Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga helps to firm the body shape, upper arms, thighs and abdomen. For the women, this class is helpful for chest, waist and hip. For the man, this is class is helpful and good for legs, shoulders keeping body in shape and active.

 Yoga Balance

This yoga sequence is designed with balancing yoga postures .
In yoga, balancing postures are good for concentration power and improve the co-ordination of the body and mind.

Patanjali Yoga

For women, this class is focus at chest, waist and hip. For the men, this class will focus at shoulders. This class is good for keeping body in shape, more active. The postures are easier than Ashtanga Yoga , mostly focused on the lower part of the . Suitable for beginners to increase the level of practice.

WE Infrared Hot

Great yoga workout for removing the toxins from body, open body joints, make the body flexible and burn calories. Yoga, in a room with a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius and the exercise that increases the power of the body that coordinates physical and mental health together. Focus on strengthening the body’s tolerance capacity for those with physical challenges with the strength of their own. For those with health problems, diseases, high blood pressure. Consult your doctor before joining the class.

Satayananda Yoga

Satyananda yoga is mostly focus on body joints and muscles exercise. This class is focus at flexibility. Good for the one who have neck pain and back pain. For sitting posture will be helpful for abdominal muscles, period/menstrual pain and lumbar disc herniation. Good for beginners.

Vinyasa/Yoga Flow

It is an active anc athletic style of yoga adapted from traditional ashtanga system that will synchronize breath with movement to built strength, energy & flexibility.

Free style Yoga

It is a electric & natural style which is not limited by any rules ot styles. Rather it is an approach to practicing yoga that allow on the inner resources of the particular teacher & practitioner.